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I have to honestly say that the Virtual Assistant Profession has to be one of the most supportive professions there is.  The feeling of community is one of the reasons why I love being a VA.  Being a part of a community, whether it is a person-to person community or a virtual community, for me is really the “heart” of being a Virtual Assistant.

As an instructor for Red Deer Colleges’ Virtual Assistant Certificate Program where I teach marketing, I am sometimes asked the question, “What does building community have to do with building a business, where is the connection?”   So, I’d like to share with you what I share with my students:

Building Community is about Building Relationships
Building relationships is key to any business’s success.  By being a part of a community, you are building much-needed relationships to help your business grow.

Building Community supports Referral Generation
By being a part of a community, you are opening yourself up to possibilities of referrals from colleagues.  If you build those relationships and build the trust within your community, others will be comfortable referring your services.

Building Community increases Knowledge
Knowledge sharing is a huge benefit of building community. It’s about sharing opinions, ideas thoughts and different perspectives.  It provides a venue to ask questions, and give answers.  Learn from others who “have been there, done that!”

Building Community adds Credibility

By being an active participant in your community and let your voice be heard. Everyone has something to contribute, get involved and become a leader in your field.

Building Community keeps us Sane
At times we feel very isolated from the rest of the world sitting alone in our home office.  By being part of a community, you are surrounded by others who deal with the same issues and experiences.  Extend yourself to your community.

The above is an article based on the foundations of the book The Virtual Assistants Guide to Marketing by Michelle Jamison.

Michelle is owner and operator of MJVA (  While managing her company, Michelle is also an instructor for Red Deer College’s Virtual Assistant Certificate Program, where she teaches, Marketing, Starting a VA Business and Office Management. She is the author of The Virtual Assistants Guide to Marketing which is the basis for the MJVA Strategic Marketing Package, a unique offering for Virtual Assistants who need one-on-one support with marketing their business.

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