The Power of Video Marketing…

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…for your Virtual Assistance Business

Recently, I ran a webinar event for my VAClassroom Members titled: “Marketing your VA Business in a Web 2.0 World“. We spent some time discussing the power of Video Marketing and the sheer potential it has for rapidly increasing website traffic and improving search listings.

I mentioned to the group that I had recently noticed that very few Virtual Assistants actually have included video on their websites nor have submitted videos to YouTube. Now, I am sure some of you have, but I still think you would make up the minority at this point.

I posed the question during the webinar, “Why are most Virtual Assistants not including Video in their marketing efforts?” Does it have to do with simply not having the right equipment to produce the videos or is there a “fear factor” involved here? Is there a hesitation to jump in front of the camera for fear of looking silly or not presenting yourself very well? Would you fall into this category?

I have produced many YouTube Videos in my home office, backyard, park, coffee shop, hotel room and I have to say that I always feel a little weird initially when doing the videos, but thanks to the editing power of tools such as Sony Vegas Movie Studio, I am able to clear my stutters and stammers and actually produce a quality video. Creating videos is kind of like public speaking -  the more you do it, the more natural it becomes. In the first couple videos, you might feel like a “deer caught in headlights”, but it gets easier!

The bottom line here is that Video marketing is way too powerful and effective to not include in your overall marketing game plan.

Here are 5 compelling reasons for adding Video Marketing to your current promotional strategies:

1.    Videos offer an innovative medium to present the selling benefits of your business in a way that brings out your personality, top-notch skills and abilities.

2.    Videos become a mini digital marketing message for your VA business as you syndicate it through targeted channels in YouTube as well as other Social Network sites such as your Facebook Business Profile. Videos are quickly becoming the web’s fastest means of transmitting information and content! I have created a number of YouTube videos for our training center, VAClassroom and I have been super pleased with the targeted traffic we have received.

3.    Videos bring “YOU” to the forefront. They get you out from behind your website and allow prospective clients to learn more about you and assess whether you are the type of person they would like work with. It is a resume “in action”!

4.    Videos allow you to engage prospective clients in a personalized and creative way that compliments your existing website content. As mentioned, I have seen very few Virtual Assistance sites that offer a personalized video introduction. This could be a powerful addition to your website.

5.    Videos are an easy “calling card” to pass to prospective businesses you would like to work with. You can simply drop them an email with your contact information and YouTube Link to your viral video. As a client, I would much rather watch a two-minute video than read through a long email or content-heavy website. Videos can give the “straight goods” on who you are and how you help take a client’s business to the next level.

In conclusion, here are four quick pointers for creating effective business videos:

1.    Be YOURSELF! It is essential not to over-professionalize yourself so that you come across as a robot devoid of all personality. Be honest with who you are and what you bring to the table. I have watched many YouTube videos and the ones that always catch my eye are those that are more casual and “real” as opposed to stuffy and corporate-like. We are virtual workers for goodness sake – save the dry videos for the “corporate zombies”!

2.    Keep your marketing videos relatively short and concise (under two or three minutes). Most Internet Business owners have large workloads and tons of competing priorities. They likely don’t have a lot of time to watch lengthy videos, so quick and snappy is the key!

3.    Be creative and try to “stand out from the pack”. If I was to review videos from Virtual Assistants I was considering hiring, I would be looking for something memorable. If a VA is simply reciting the skills and services already listed on the website, then I might quickly lose interest and move on.

4.    Do Video-Based Cold Calls. I would be pro-active and brainstorm a list of business owners you might want to approach. Send an introductory email with a link to your website and YouTube Video. This approach beats mail-outs and template emails because you are sending a customized video that is quickly and easily viewable. Plus, you are “speaking their language” as many of these business owners are using videos for their own business as well!

As you probably can tell, I am very passionate about Video marketing primarily due to the profound impact it has had on my traffic and search listings. There is no better time to incorporate Video into your overall marketing strategy then right now. Lights, Camera, Action!

craig1Craig Cannings is an experienced Internet Entrepreneur and Marketer who co-founded VAClassroom, a niche training center for Virtual Assistants that offers practical and in-demand skills training programs. Their flagship course, the Internet Marketing VA Training Program equips Virtual Assistants with niche Internet marketing skills that businesses are seeking today. Also, VAClassroom has just released a new Social Media Marketing Specialist Program in 2009.