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Taking a Time Out Taking a Time Out

  Plan to step away from your business, gather your team and engage in a variety... 

Do you do YouTube? Do you do YouTube?

Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere with no internet access, you have... 

Avoiding Online Purchase Peril Avoiding Online Purchase Peril

By this time I am sure that many, if not all, of you would have purchased something... 

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Building Community Building Community

I have to honestly say that the Virtual Assistant Profession has to be one of the... 

Computer Ergonomics Computer Ergonomics

If you work on a computer as much as I do, which means approximately 40+ hours a... 

Marketing 101 – Customer Service Marketing 101 – Customer Service

As a Virtual Assistant, providing great customer service is the most effective and... 

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Thinking About the Unthinkable Thinking About the Unthinkable

I had to think the unthinkable last week.  What would happen if I had an accident that prevented me from working ever again?  I know, not a very nice thought, in fact it’s rather morbid, but as a business owner that solely depends on my ability to work to pay the bills….well it’s a something I had to face and plan for. It’s not as if I... [Read more...]

Childproof that Office Childproof that Office

As a mother of a 2 year old, I found out the hard away about what it means to have a “childproof office”.  At two, my daughter is at the height of curiosity; her little hands can find their way into the smallest of areas. To her, a computer keyboard resembles a piano, any piece of paper lying on the desk is fair game and needs a little red crayon, ... [Read more...]

Procrastination – Strategies that worked for me! Procrastination – Strategies that worked for me!

I have to admit, some days I am a procrastinator, not every day, but some days. In the past I was a much bigger procrastinator then what I am today. If I didn’t like to do something I would just keep putting it off until I finally got tired of seeing it on my “to do” list after a few weeks, “bite the bullet” and finally get it done. Once it... [Read more...]

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